PATENT PENDING - neue Platte im November



Aus ihrem kommenden Album "RIOT HEARTS REBELLION", welches am 27. November weltweit via Rude Records erscheint, stellen die Poppunker von PATENT PENDING aus New York ihre erste Single vor. "NSFW (.)(.)" kann bereits vorbestellt nud gestreamt werden - unten gibt es ausserdem Cover und Tracklisting zur Platte.

Joe Ragosta, Sänger der Band:

“This is my favorite Patent Pending album that we’ve ever made. I know I’ve said that about previous albums, but this one beats those because we’ve finally been able to achieve symmetry between the band we’ve been and the band that we want to be. I think that after all of these years of pushing our sound in different directions and dabbling in every genre we’ve finally found the balance between rock, punk, pop and everything else that we’ve been striving for. The lyrics have more meaning, the the rhythms have more feeling and the choruses hit harder than they ever have for us. There are twelve eccentric yet related ideas here and I’m proud of every single one of them.

01.  Another Day
02.  Until The Sun Comes Up
03.  Love Is Anarchy
04.  Six Feet
05.  Little Diamonds
06.  NSFW (.)(.)
07.  Started In My Head
08.  It's All Good Today
09.  Last Time That I Saw You
10  Dating A Dick
11. Keeper
12. Riot Hearts Rebellion