PENTAGRAM bei Metal Blade



PENTAGRAM haben bei Metal Blade unterschrieben. Das neue Album "Last Rites" soll im Frühjahr 2011 erscheinen, pünktlich zum 40jährigem Bestehen der Band. Eine Live DVD ist ebenfalls in Planung.

Bobby Liebling zum Signing:
"I reflect on how Pentagram is coming into its 40th year and how it finally feels like we are entering into the major leagues. With Metal Blade now at our side, it feels like we made the World Series! I'll quote John Lennon from 'A Hard Day's Night' and ask the loyal rivetheads out there, 'Did we pass the audition?'"

Victor Griffin fügt an:
"Neither Bobby nor myself ever imagined we'd play together again. It's an honor to be re-united and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pentagram, and the 30th anniversary of our musical relationship with a new album on Metal Blade Records! As always, we did it our way…thanks for making us survivors!"

"I am very excited to welcome Pentagram to the Metal Blade Family. It is really amazing for us to work with such a legendary band and we look forward to a great success!"
so Chairman/CEO of Metal Blade Records, Brian Slagel.

Eine Europatour im April sowie Festivalauftritte sind in Planung: