POWERWOLF vermelden Veränderungen in der Kirche



Die multinationalen POWERWOLF haben den ersten Line-Up Wechsel ihrer glorreichen Geschichte zu vermelden.

Die Wölfe hierzu: "Stefane Funebre will have to focus on his increasing religious duties in the future and will therefore no longer be able to join the wolves on their crusade. Funebre will however remain a part of the pack for life and will keep supporting us with his spiritual and mental guidance behind the scenes. As the new member of the wolfpack we welcome Tom Diener, who will take place on the holy drumseat in the future. Tom already toured with us as temporary replacement for Funebre during the last 12 months and in the meantime has become a true member of the pack and a master of the ceremony. Be sure he will unleash some great metal madness with us in the future!"