PRESSURE FEST 2009 - Erste News



Hier die Pressemitteilung:

You had to wait for a long time for the first actual Pressure Fest news, but here we are. Admittedly we had some trouble while booking the Festival this year which forced us to change some things. But we are confident that at the end we came up with something even better for everyone then what we had before.
As some of you will already have heard we had some trouble with the location in Herne, as they are restoring it this summer making it impossible to have Pressure Fest there. An alternate location that would provide the same cool surroundings as in Herne was pretty much impossible to find in our area, the couple of alternatives that came up didn't work out for the June date for various reasons. So we decided to move the fest to August.

We know this will upset people who have already counted on the June date and will probably already have planned and booked (parts of) their trip, so this is why we came up with the following:

This year there will be TWO Pressure Fests!!!

June 27. and 28. will see Pressure Fest move into a smaller location in JZE Paperstrasse in Essen for the first club show since the Winter Pressure Fest in 2003. No barriers or anything holding you back, just stagedives and high fives! The line up for this is almost completely booked, with a couple more bands following.

August 8. to 9. we will have a "normal" Pressure Fest edition in a bigger location with a surrounding just as it's suited for a big Festival, which unfortunately is still not confirmed at this point, but will hopefully be next week.

Pressure Fest - The Club show
June 27. - June 28th
JZE Paperstrasse, Essen, Germany
Presale: TBA

Line up confirmed so far:

Cheap Thrills
Dead Vows
Death Threat
Have Heart
The Mongoloids
New Morality
No Turning Back
Rise and Fall
Shipwreck AD
Strength For A Reason
Suffer The Living

More bands to be added soon...

Pressure Fest - The Real Deal
August 8. - August 9.
Location: TBA
Tickets: TBA
Presale: TBA
Bands will be announced soon...