RAGING SPEEDHORN werden nicht die UK-Tour antreten und reden offen über eine Bandauflösung zum Ende des Jahres. Hier die Stellungnahme der Band:

"So sorry to anyone who has bought tickets for the [UK] shows we had booked in April, but we've had to cancel the tour.

"Things were left very late and a lot people invovled in the booking of the tour decided it would be best to put the tour back. With the situation being that with three weeks to go there were still some shows unconfirmed, we couldn't do much more than agree to cancel the tour. There was absolutely no time to advertise these shows properly.

"We will be doing our final-ever UK shows in October where we will make sure it's a proper send off. We are sad that it has come to this but we have decided to split up after this year and we didn't want out final UK tour to be half-arsed sham.

"Deepest apologies to everyone who was looking forward to seeing TROPHY SCARS too. I really hope you get a chance to see them sometime in the future.

"We'll be playing our final European shows in May and July, so I hope you peeps on the mainland can male it down to some shows."