REVEREND HORTON HEAT - Video zu "Hog Tyin' Woman"



Die Rockabilly-Legenden von REVEREND HORTON HEAT stellen einen Videoclip zu ihrer Single "Hog Tyin' Woman" ins Netz. Der Song wird auf dem kommenden Album "Whole New Life" enthalten sein, welches die Band aus Dallas, Texas am 20. November erstmals via Victory Records auf den Markt bringt.

Frontmann Jim Heath zum Entstehungsprozess der Platte:

“Back in the 1950’s, reverb chambers were really hip and I always loved their warmth. I’m all about Sam Phillips and the things he did with tape machines and tape echo. I love that kind of production value, even if it is older than me! It really sent me to this whole other headspace where I worked with a lot of vintage gear on this album - some of which I built myself for a truly unique sound - ribbon, old tube microphones, pre-amps and stuff. Additionally, a year before I started piecing this together I worked especially hard on my singing voice. Whole New Life brought out something in me where I am screaming more and making more throaty sounds. It's got some Louisiana feel to it, a bit of gruff and some Roy Orbison style in it. We tested out new tracks on our most recent tour and they are working better with the audience than any new songs we premiered since the early days of the band.”