SEPULTURA stellen neuen Drummer beim Vilar de Mouros Festival in Portugal vor



SEPULTURA haben ihren neuen Drummer und damit Igor Cavalera Ersatz Jean Dolabella (ex-UDORA) beim Vilar de Mouros Festival in Portugal am vergangenen Freitag (21.07.2006) vorgestellt. Hier das offizielle Statement von Bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr.:

"Last Friday, July 21st, we had our debut with our new drummer Jean Dolabella on the festival Vilar de Mouros in Portugal (about an hour from the city of Porto). It couldn't be better!!! I read that they were expecting about 9,000 people, and ended up with being around 25,000. Was great!!! We got on the stage around 1:40 a.m. and was good to see that we still have a great following in Portugal!!! When Andreas came to introduce Jean for the first time, it seemed to me he was already familiar among the fans for a while. Definitely was a good feeling and did give us lots more of confidence and strength to do a great performance!!! Once more I was happy to step up on the stage and have the chance to share that feeling with our fans!!! Thank you so much Portugal!!! Hope to see you very soon!!!"