SHARPTOOTH - neue Single mit Justin Sane (ANTI-FLAG)



Das neue SHARPTOOTH Album "Transitional Forms" ist ab heute via Pure Noise Records erhaeltlich. Auf dem darauf enthaltenen Song "Evolution" mischt auch ANTI-FLAG's Justin Sane mit. Unten gibt es den Track im Stream - Frontfrau Lauren Kashan kommentiert: 
I think the biggest problem in our country, the problem that all of our other issues stem from, is a lack of empathy. As an intensely sensitive and empathetic person, this has always felt so bizzare and foriegn to meI wrote ‘Evolution’ in response to the apathy I was seeing every day in the world around me. Whether it had to do with global warming, racism, sexism, or poverty, I’ve witnessed a phenomenon that I can only call a “not my problem” mentality; people being unwilling to look at their own behavior simply because something doesn’t directly affect them"