SILENT PLANET - neue Platte am 2. November



SILENT PLANET aus Los Angeles unterschreibne bei UNFD und werden ihr neues Album am 2. November auf dem australischen Label veroeffentlichen. Anbei stellt die Band mit "Share Your Body" bereits einen Song von "When The End Began" im Stream vor. 

Frontman Garrett Russell kommentiert “Share The Body” wie folgt:

Share the Body explores the brutal opioid epidemic that is ravaging communities around the world. Approaching addiction from the inside-out, our song and video attempts to follow the genesis of addiction (pharmaceutical) all the way to narcotics and subsequent overdose. Many of the lyrics and themes stem from conversations we’ve had at shows and online with our listeners. It’s our hope that this track starts difficult conversations, and inspires some who are struggling with addiction to open up and seek help.