SILVERSTEIN - Track-by-Track durch "Dead Reflection"



SILVERSTEIN aus Ontario, Kanada veroeffentlichen ihr neues und achtes Studioalbum "Dead Reflection" am 14. Juli via Rise Records. Die Platte entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit den Produzenten Derek Hoffman & Paul Marc Rousseau in den Revolutino und Fox Sounds Studios in Toronto. Anbei gibt es alle Infos zur Platte sowie ein "Track-by-Track" mit Frontmann und Saenger Shane Told - weiter unten sind zudem alle kommenden Livetermine der kanadischen Posthardcorehelden in der Uebersicht zu finden.

Tracklisting "Dead Reflection":

1. Last Looks
2. Retrograde
3. Lost Positives
4. Ghost
5. Aquamarine
6. Mirror Box
7. Demons
8. The Afterglow
9. Cut and Run
10. Secret’s Safe
11. Whiplash
12. Wake Up

Track-by-Track zum Album „Dead Reflection“ von Silverstein-Sänger Shane Told:
1.  Last Looks

This track comes out swinging with a huge intro and we thought it was the perfect way to kick off Dead Reflection.  In the chorus I say "Don't Die Like Me", which is a reference to footballer George Best and his death due to alcoholism, depression and bad health.  "Don't Die Like Me" was an early title of the record before we decided on "Dead Reflection".

2.  Retrograde

I was trying to write a song that just had some big parts and originally this had a drawn out 4 minute ending but we scrapped it and then this song became a banger.  The lyric "All I am is a Dead Reflection" inspired the title.  

3.  Lost Positives

This song had the most changes from when Paul Marc first came up with the parts to how it ended up.  I'd say this was our collective favorite through the process and I just love the vibe of it - it's a little different for us.  It's a lot of fun to sing. 

4.  Ghost 

Ghost was the only track completed before the rest of the album and was written as a stand alone song.  I think this paved the way for the tone of the rest of the album - the anger, frustration and power is very evident. Paul Marc and also wrote the chorus melody separately and came up with nearly the same thing.  It was a bit spooky, even some of the scratch early lyrics were the same. 

5.  Aquamarine

I wrote the heavy breakdown riff a few years back and could never make it work well in a song.  So I had the idea to insert it into a bit of a poppier song and it really made that part hit home when it comes in.  Lyrically this is one of the most personal and real songs Silverstein has done. 

6.  Mirror Box

This was another one we had some bits and pieces of awhile back but couldn't quite make work.  But someone had the idea to change the key and put it higher up in my range and all of a sudden it took on a new life.  The bridge in this song ("And in this moment ... I need the past....") is one of my favorite moments on the album. 

7.   Demons

This is the start of side 2 and sort of marks a change in the story of the album and we wanted this song to sound super raw and in your face.  It's kind of throwback to our punk and hardcore roots. 

8.  The Afterglow 

This is probably the poppiest song we've ever recorded but it's definitely another favorite of ours.  I think it breathes a cool life back into the record where it is and also it just makes you want to rock out.  Music doesn't have to be heavy or aggressive to make you want to go crazy. 

9.  Cut And Run

This is another standout track and so think it's proof that sometimes simplicity can be a good thing.   It's punchy and loud but has a great catchiness.  We actually used the backup vocals from the demo Paul Marc made because it just didn't sound right for some reason without them. 

10.  Secret's Safe

This song is a bit of a throwback to some of the clean guitar driven songs we had in our early years.  There's a vibe in the verses that makes it feel like it could be on our first or second album.  But the giant chorus and bridge kicks in and takes over and it makes for a powerful and emotional song.  Lyrically this song is about how confident some people appear on the outside when really they're as scared and self conscious as anyone. 

11.  Whiplash

This is another of our favorites and also was one we worked on a lot in the studio.  I think we wrote 5 different chorus melodies before deciding on the one that's there.  Sometimes when I hear the song I still imagine the other choruses.  Lyrically this song is really the part of the story where I speak about hitting rock bottom and the path I was leading myself towards, like George Best. 

12.  Wake Up

The big closer and a song that wraps up the story and vibe of Dead Reflection.  We recorded this song last, and we were conscious of making this song have a feeling of finality about it.  It ties the record together and the last words of the song are "Dead Reflection".  The "Wake Up" lyrics are meant to be a statement of hope for everyone that deep down inside, if you're unhappy, if you're struggling, if you are knowingly getting into bad things and bad situations, you can be your own wake up call.  You can use your own strength to pull yourself out.



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