SLAYER - Noch zwei Alben, dann ist Schluss



Kerry King ließ verlauten, dass SLAYER noch 2 Alben aufnehmen werden, um sich dann in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand zu begeben. Im Einzelnen sagte er dieses:

"We're talking of going in the studio next February and getting the next record out, so if we do things in a timely manner, I don't see there's any reason why we can't have more than one album out. So if we do get a record out next year — and everything's pointing to yes — before the summer time when we tour, then I'd want to start working on another one because we're all having a good time. I think the time's gonna come when somebody just says, 'I'm done. I don't wanna do this anymore.' Because we've been doing it more than half of our lives."