SPACE CHASER - Video zu "Antidote To Order"



Die Berliner Thrasher von SPACE CHASER haben ihr neues Album "Give Us Life" am Freitag via Metal Blade Records veroeffentlicht. Anbei stellt die Band einen Videoclip zur Single "Antidote to Order" vor, die einen perfekten Eindruck zum Release liefert. Die Band kommentiert:

"Check out the video clip to 'Antidote to Order'. This is old school Space Chaser. After the high tech epos that is 'Remnants of Technology' and its prequel 'The Immortals', you will get some unadulterated thrash metal vibes. Old school arcade games, beer and thrash metal - who's on board?
Also, 'Give Us Life' is finally out! We're so happy that our strongest material to-date is now unleashed, and we are stoked to see what the fans think of it - plus, what the future holds in store for us. See you on the other side!"


SPACE CHASER 2022 Tourdaten:
10/03 - Vinylreservat - Goettingen, Germany
11/03 - Kulttempel - Oberhausen, Germany
12/03 - Willemeen - Arnhem, Netherlands
13/03 - Ragnarock - Bree, Belgium
14/03 - Vortex - Siegen, Germany
15/03 - Schlachthof - Wiesbaden, Germany
16/03 - Backstage - Munich, Germany
17/03 - Viper Room - Vienna, Germany
18/03 - Chemiefabrik - Dresden, Germany
19/03 - Bei Chez Heinz - Hannover, Germany