STEPSON - Videoclip zu "Who Are We?"



Die Australier von STEPSON werden ihr neues Album "Help Me, Help You" am 26. Maerz via SharpTone Records veroeffentlichen. Vorab stellt die Band unten einen Videoclip zur Single "Who Are We?" vor. Den Track kommentiert der Alternative-Fuenfer aus Brisbane wie folgt: 

"As a band with a broad spectrum of musical influences, we really wanted to explore every sound and style that makes us who we are. We were determined to create a record where every song sounded different and was a standout in its own right. 'Who Are We?' is our punk rock anthem and captures a more upbeat and lighthearted side to the band". Stepson furthers: "From the chorus that gets stuck in your head after one listen to the crazy drum fills, 'Who Are We?' brings something new to the table whilst still remaining unapologetically Stepson"