SUM 41 im Studio



Die kanadischen Poppunker von SUM 41 haben sich ins Studio begeben um mit den Arbeiten an einem neuen Album, dem ersten ohne Gründungsmitglied Dave Baksh, zu beginnen.

Folgendes Statement gab die Band hierzu ab:
"Here's a recap of day one: we arrived at the studio, set up the drums, looked at them for a while, hit them, moved them, and then moved them again. Then, we sent the runner to get some booze and got moderately to extremely drunk. Very professional indeed!

We have three tracks to do today. Or at least, there are three tracks we'd like to do. Finding time to get them done between our daily regimen of breakfast, luch, drinks, beers, aperitifs, off-track gambling, nostalgic storytime, naptime, playtime and bedtime, will be a feat unto itself."

Das letzte SUM 41 Album "Chuck" erschien 2004.