SWEDISH DEATH CANDY - neues Album & Tourdaten



SWEDISH DEATH CANDY kommen frisch aus dem Studio und stellen anbei eine neue Single namens "Green" vor. Ueber den Sommer kommen die Londoner zudem fuer einige Termine nach Deutschland. Sänger Louis Perry kommentiert "Green" wie folgt:

“The word ‘green’ can be used in many different contexts—other than being a colour associated with nature, grassy fields, freshness, health, or psychedelic plants, it's considered good luck in some cultures, whilst being bad luck in others. It's also used as an expression for someone who's naive or new to something, and the colour of envy, greed, sickness and money. I thought it worked as a metaphor about perspective.
Sonically, the song jumps around a lot, the riffs are kinda heavy, hectic and slightly ugly-sounding, whereas the verses have a sweeter, dreamy feel about them. It was actually the first new song we wrote after finishing the first album—it felt almost like a continuation and came together pretty quickly from jamming."