Eulogy Recordings haben SWITCHBLADE KILLERS unter Vertrag genommen. Das Label Debüt "The Devil In Your Bones" wird noch dieses Jahr erscheinen.

SWITCHBLADE KILLERS Sänger Zach Neil kommentiert: "We're really interested in being the only rock and roll band on Eulogy. Part of the reason we went with Eulogy was because we're not a hardcore band at all. We think the contrast makes for an interesting experience. However being the kind of band we are doesn't really mix with anything being promoted or supported by dumb scenesters and neon kids anyway so we really don't care. We are just happy and lucky to be able to make a non trendy record that we love and have a label support us and put it out."

Eulogys John Wylie: "Eulogy is very lucky to be working with Switchblade Killers. Their upcoming appearance on this summer's Warped Tour will introduce everyone to an amazing rock band. We are confident that Eulogy fans worldwide will appreciate the energy and intensity this band brings."

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