Statement von FALL OF SERENITY zur Tourabsage



Fall Of Serenity haben ihre Tour mit Hate Eternal abgesagt. Hier das Statement der Band:
"So we are not on tour with the cool people of Hate Eternal, Spawn Of Possession and Shadowsland anymore. We were forced to do this decision together with our label and our management, because there went a lot of things just badly wrong.
To put it together, the organisation and management of this tour messed up our intended goal to do promotion for our new album “Bloodred Salvation”. It was almost impossible. So it is a decision that is better for our band. We know that Metallysee is a good partner concerning tours, but in this case something doesn't fit together in the right way. Maybe because some other booking agency set up this tour.
We feel very sorry to dissapoint you guys who wanted to see Fall Of Serenity on this tour. Take the next chance please. To make it clear, there is nothing wrong with our band.
If you wanna see the other bands on this tour, please make sure that you travel to the right place, venue or even the right city. Get as much information as you can get about the show you want to visit. Otherwise it's possible that you will stand in front of closed doors.
We wanna thank the guys of Hate Eternal, Spawn Of Possession and Shadowsland, Ritchie (soundengineer), Math (busdriver), the people who came to the shows and the local promoters who did their best for sure. Unfortunately we can't thank other people involved."