Mit "Stealing The Covers" melden sich TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET mit einem neuen Album auf Fat Wreck zurueck. Die Platte soll 14 Songs enthalten und erscheint am 14. Juli auf dem kalifornischen Punkrocklabel von NOFX-Mastermind Fat Mike. Anbei gibt es ein Announcementvideo der Poppunkband zu sehen, zudem ist dort bereits das Artwork zu "Stealing The Covers" zu finden. TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET-Basser Miguel erklaert:

“We sat with this project for a LONG time…like a decade. We thought it’d be rad to cover some smaller bands that never really got the attention they deserved. When it came time to bring the project to life, we had to sift through a ton of songs to finally narrow it down to these. This record represents some of our favorite songs from bands we’ve played with over the years. We’re so stoked it’s finally going to come out, and we’re extra stoked it’s coming out on Fat Wreck Chords. I’m pretty sure we are the first band to do a cover record on FAT. Yep. We First.”