THE ABSENCE - Gehen im September in das Studio



Gitarrist Patrick Pintavalle von THE ABSENCE hat bezüglich des neuen Albums "Enemy Unbound" folgendes Update gepostet:

"As many of you know, we are writing material for our upcoming record, 'Enemy Unbound'.

"I just wanted to clear the air for everyone. We were suposed to record in March.
The timing just wasn't right for us. We have been really looking at every song we have come up with very closely and trying to really make the songs as great as they can be.

"We have finally booked the studio time. We will be entering Mana Recording Studios once again. The date as of now is set for September 10th.

"I stated earlier this year that we had some ideas to get the fans involved with the record. Well, I guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag. We have alot of fans that are guitar players. We thought it would be cool to let them show off the talents that they have. We are holding a contest for our fans to track a guest lead on our new record. We will be releasing the exact details on this contest next week. For now, let me just give you the rough idea of the contest. There will be a demo track section to a song that we will be releasing via Internet that the fans will be able to download. They will then have to post the lead they come up with on YouTube. We will be judging all the leads based on originality, melody and technical ability. If you ask me, I think thats pretty F'n cool.

"I couldn't even imagine growing up and being able to track a guest lead on one of the records of the bands I listen to. Man, the Internet is something special.

"Anyway, back to the record in progress. I have been busting my ass on ProTools for the last year. Staying up very late every night trying to really get these pre-production tracks together for us to analyze. Don't get me wrong — it still beats construction work.

"The thing that we are noticing the most is how different all the songs are from each other. There will be a song that has an OLD MAN'S CHILD feel to it. Then a song that has a METALLICA ('...And Justice For All') feel to it.

"I cant wait until people hear this thing. It is truly going to be something special."