THE AMITY AFFLICTION - neuer Drummer bestätigt



THE AMITY AFFLICTION haben bestätigt, dass ihr langjähriger Freund Joe Longobardi nun offiziell der neue Drummer und ein vollständiges Bandmitglied ist.

Das Statement der Band dazu:

"We’re over the moon that we can finally announce our long time friend Joe Longobardi will be joining Amity on a full time basis. We’ve been speaking with Joe for a long, long time, however his touring commitments with Defeater meant that he couldn’t join as soon as we wanted him to.
Fast forward to recording, Joe came into the studio and absolutely smashed it, and we had a fucking amazing time with him there. We offered him the spot again, and lucky for us he said yes.
We’ve been wanting to spill the beans for ages now because we are so so psyched that he’s with us now moving forward.
Give him a warm welcome please; in his own words, let’s fucking GO."