THE ATARIS: 2 weniger



The Ataris haben zwei ihrer Kollegen verloren, Mike Davenport und Chris "Kid" Knap. Beide Mitglieder bewegen sich schon seit einiger Zeit außerhalb der Band, die Trennung wurde jedoch erst kürzlich bekanntgegeben, als Kris Roe folgende Frage eines Fans beantwortete:

-Question: "Where are Chris Knapp and Mike Davenport?"

-Answer: Mike now plays in a band called VS. The World who are kinda along the lines of Rise Against, A Wilhelm Scream, Against Me... that sorta thing. They have a record coming out later this year on Kung Fu Records. From what I know Chris isn't currently playing music anymore, however I could be mistaken. As for why we are all no longer playing music together, there is really no easy answer to this question without getting to personal. So I will just say this, We toured and traveled the world together for a really long time, sometimes certian people are faced with obstacles in their lives, they can either choose to overcome those obstacles or succumb to them and get caught up in the excess, Unfortuanately sometimes the latter can get the best of people. As well as harm friendships and relationships. It has happened to everyone from time to time. Despite this I'm sure we all would wish each-other the best in what we do and hold tight to the good memories we did share together in the good moments.--Kris