THE CREEPSHOW - neue Sängerin an Board



Die Kanadier verkünden einen Wechsel am Gesag. Sarah Blackwood verlässt aufgrund anderer Projekte (u.a. WALK OF THE EARTH) die Band - Ersatz ist bereits gefunden:

"Hey there Creeps,
We know there's been a lot of rumours circulating out there lately, so we just wanted to fill you in on what's happening to put the speculation to rest. As you all know, Sarah is involved in a lot of different musical projects including her own solo project and Walk Off The Earth. Unfortunately it's simply not possible for her to devote herself to all of these awesome projects full-time so we were faced with a really difficult decision. We talked it all over together and looked at this from every possible angle, but it's with a heavy heart that we're announcing that Sarah "SIN" Blackwood will be leaving the Creepshow.

After 5+ years, two albums, several singles and countless tours with the band, Sarah will be sorely missed not just as a bandmate but as a great friend. We honestly couldn't be happier for her and we wish her all the very best with her music and new adventures. The Creepshow has always been about playing shows, putting out great songs and having a wicked time with our fans so with that said, the show must go on...

We'd also like to take this opportunity to let y'all know that our good friend Kenda will be stepping up to take over vocal duties. Kenda is a fixture in the Hamilton/Toronto music scene as both an accomplished singer and prolific tattoo artist. Please take a moment to welcome Kenda to the Creepshow family! We're currently working on writing new songs and sharpening up our live show…and we'll be sharing a brand new track with you in the weeks to come! Stay tuned for exciting news, tour announcements and much more!"