THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN reden über neues Album



Hier das Statement der Band:

"Seriously though we get a lot of messages a day asking when it's coming out. It's coming, the wait will be worth it, just hang in there. Only six more years. Hahaha! Remember that one time....that time when we didn't put a full length album out from 1999 to 2004? What if our next cd comes out in 2009? I know you all don't think it's funny but we think it's hilarious. Kinda.

In reality, we are far into the writing of our new cd. Everyone is living and breathing this record 24/7 and we're all excited. We spend most of our time holed up in a couple different Dillinger living/writing spots, including an underground lair and a house with an interior that resembles the one from fight club, rarely coming outside or even being awake during daylight hours for that matter, living like little rats. We only come out for Dunkin Donuts or 24 hr grocery stores at 3am. Rest assured the album will come out much sooner than our previous track record would indicate. We appreciate everyone's patience....good things come to those who wait. Uh....unless you're waiting for the new GNR record which apparently is coming out Nov 21st, 'cause that shit is gonna be an abomination mark my words. I hope I'm wrong, but seriously, since Slash rolled the fuck out, braided Axl imposter guy has had not only a guy who wears a chicken bucket on his head filling in for him but about 30 other dorks too. None of whom have magical top hats that somehow never fall off and none of whom have a cool name like Slash or even Corpsefucker for that matter. The forecast is here and the outlook is decidedly GRIM. Get Adler back and stop dicking around.

ANYHOW, In the meantime, check out Ben and Chris playing a mix of prearranged weirdness and improv at John Zorn's wacky beatnik avant-garde club The Stone in NYC on the 20th of this month. It's located at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street in the east village and starts at 10pm. All tickets are $10 and sold at the door only.

Chris is also doing some drum clinics coming up where he'll be showing people how to play in time signatures nobody's ever heard of at the speed of light. Come out so you can watch Chris go "ok here's how you do this" and then proceed to play something nobody could possibly figure out. The first one is Monday October 23rd at Ritchie's Music Center at 424 Rt. 46 West Rockaway N.J 07866 and starts at 7pm. The second is Thursday October 26th at University of Michigan Dearborn Center Stage 4901 Evergreen Rd. Dearborn MI 48128 and also starts at 7pm.

Liam has learned how to levitate, pretty much like that Dhalsim guy from Street Fighter, only he spits tofu instead of fire.

Check out

All those pictures you guys sent in are being put to good use, you'll find out soon why we wanted them. For bubblegum trading cards that's why! NOPE. Shit....who calls cards bubblegum cards? We're fucking OLD.

We started figuring out our own language years ago and have been able to speak it to one another fluently for a while now.

We're gonna start doing video blogs soon, you'll be able to hear little snippets of what to expect when our album drops on Dec 21, 2012 and see Dillinger world with your own eyes, including the lair and the crazy old man at Dunkin Donuts who when our merch guy tried to throw change in the tip jar, took it out and threw it back at him yelling "I don't want your fucking change buddy! Fuck that! Give it to your girlfriend!". He is a pretty important member of our existence at this point. "I just make the fuckin' bagels, buddy". Yes you do friend, yes you do.

By the way, a little, and I mean tiny, little glimpse of a part from a new song is tucked into the very beginning of the Justin Timberlake cover on the ITunes "Plagiarism" EP, I can't believe not a single one of you have brought that up.

Pick up the new Converge when it comes out, those guys have been friends for a long time and they are KILLING IT on their new album.

And for the grand finale......I went out and ate ice cream with the dude Matt who stole our guitar and boy did he eat and eat and eat. We had a great time, but turns out he is super intense about dude on animal porn. Watching him suck on an ice cream cone while staring at dogs that walked down the street was pretty uncomfortable at first but we ended up getting along great. Go HERE and tell him that there is no shame in sucking a dog's dick. I wasn't gonna do that but fuck it there ya go. I love ya, Matt. All love my boy. The circle is complete. Enjoy your internet celebrity.

This blog should tide everyone over for a while. Til then...
-The Dillinger Escape Plan"