THE FALL OF TROY haben ein wenig über ihre Pläne für die nahe Zukunft geplaudert. Hier das Update:

"We're definatly nervous for Bamboozle Left. It's gonna be so fucking awesome, but alot of pressure. Festivals tend to be chaotic and not have alot of answers for all of your questions. But shit, they feed you real well (I know I need it BAD!). It's just being in front of that many people (tons who have no idea who you are) is straining as it is, but i'm sure it'll be one to put down in the record books.

The new album has still been taking shape and I believe we have almost 9 songs together. SO DON'T COME TO THESE SHOWS EXPECTING TO HEAR ALL YOUR FAVORITE DOPPELGANGBANG SONGS Though you will get what you need from our old records the point of this tour is to showcase and share new material with all of you. With which we ask you try not to release as much as you possibly can!"