Die Band THE LETTERS ORGANIZE, beheimatet auf Nitro Records, lösen sich auf.

Hier das Statement der Band:

Okay so we have been keeping this a secret for a while but The Letters Organize are no longer playing music together. There are several reasons and, depending on whom you ask in the band, 4 different stories. But the bottom line is no matter how we forced our band down people throats, no matter how far and long we toured, no matter how many people with played in front of, no matter what was coming up next, no matter who liked us we still felt trapped we still felt like we dug a hole we could not climb out of.....

We were Trapped in an awful music scene flooded with overly fashionable scene kids that care nothing about the actual music. Also trapped in a scene with carbon copy bands and terrible music and very very very little honesty (not all but most). We tried to shine through. We tried to be heard. Yes we made mistake in trying but at least we learned from them. Yes we did this band for ourselves but we also all had different ideas and different feelings on the next step. One thing we all did agree with is that good music should speak for itself......We all got ourselves into more debt then you can imagine which took a toll on our hearts, bodies and mind. As much as we loved playing with each other and as great of a band as we thought we were, to throw another record out there and do it all over again seemed (as a whole) one of the hardest task we had come across yet. Some people in the band had no motivation to finish the record and others wanted to never tour again unless it was worth it ( but what would be worth it?).