THE LILLINGTONS - neues Album via Fat Wreck



Mit "Stella Sapiente" keundigen die US-Punkrocker THE LILLINGTONS ihr erstes Album seit 2006 an. Die Platte soll einen neuen Sound einschlagen und erscheint am 13. Oktober via Fat Wreck Chords - vorab stellt die Band um Frontmann Kody Templeman unten mit "Insect Nightmares" einen ersten Song des Albums im Stream vor. Templeman zum Song:

"We chose to premiere “Insect Nightmares” because even though it is an obvious step in a new direction, it still retains the feel of a Lillingtons song. We thought fans of the older material (especially Project 313) could identify it as a Lillingtons song while being exposed to musical elements that we have implemented on Stella Sapiente. The theme of the song is lighter and more akin to what people expect from us. We hope our fans enjoy it and appreciate a peek of the darkness that is yet to come."