THE PARIAH - neue Single veröffentlicht



THE PARIAH haben mit "Silent Birds" eine neue Single veröffentlicht. Somit ist klar: Die Melodic-Hardcore-Band arbeitet mit Nachdruck an neuem Material, das die Nachfolge der EP "Divided by Choice" (veröffentlichit im Jahr 2016) antreten soll. Sänger Henning Begemann erklärt:

“During the time when I was writing the lyrics for the new Album, I was thinking a lot about our behaviour towards others. Why do we act like everything’s great while we know that this is a lie and everyone else is doing the exact same thing. But despite the facts, no one is ever starting to question all this. The thought finally lead me to question the concept of truth in general, which is usually an irrevocable term. This hiding and twisting of the truth was a leitmotif for all the lyrics. ‘Silent Birds’ for example is about the inevitable and self-inflected downfall of humanity, while everyone thinks that that we are at the absolute peak of our evolution. The title ‘Silent Birds’ is related to the birds that were once held in the coal-mines to warn the miners about toxic gases. When the birds had stopped singing it was high time to leave the mine quickly. This picture of the dark mine where you realise the silence too late and this might probably mean the end for you, was, in my eyes, a very depressing picture but a very appropriate one as well.”