THE SKYLINE DRIVE suchen neuen Namen



Hier das Statement der Band:
After a few hundred shows in forty something states, an EP and a full length record, and a whoooole lot of memories...we've decided that it's time for a change...NO, we're not breaking up...but we feel like a name change is in order! Why? Well, a couple of reasons:

1. We never really liked the name that much in the first place (I know I know, why did we name ourselves that then? Truth is, we just suck at coming up with a decent name!)

2. There's getting to be more and more confusion and emails flying around asking if we're A Skylit those guys.

3. We are getting ready to announce a BRAND NEW EP coming out very soon and we feel like it's such a step for us that it merits a clean slate.

SO, in order to avoid blowing it again (and to have a little fun)...we're asking for YOUR HELP! We want YOU to name our band. Leave a comment below and (or) send an email to (Make sure to send the email so we can keep up with it!) by July 1. We will then make a decision and the person who submitted the name will get a shout out in the credits of our new album, an exclusive first listen before anyone else, and some other cool merch stuff once we get that up and running with the new name.

SO! Let's see some names! Thanks so much for your help!

p.s. In celebration we're offering big deals on TSD gear in our online store which you can check out right here:"