THE WARRIORS - Neues Album im August



THE WARRIORS haben die Tracklist zu ihrem anstehenden Victory Debüt "Genuine Sense Of Outrage" veröffentlicht. Das Album wurde von Cameron Webb (Social Distortion, Motorhead) produziert und featuret Guest Vocals von Motorheads Lemmy Kilminster und Comeback Kids Andrew Neufeld.

"'Genuine Sense Of Outrage' touches base on many concepts including truths that reflect directly on our human condition as a whole," so Frontmann Marshall Lichtenwaldt über das Album. "It's about stepping outside of ourselves and realizing that we are all the same. We are all enraged. This record is dedicated to those who truly embrace this culture and realize that these are more than words on a page."

Das Album erscheint im August. Hier die Tracklist:
01. Ruthless Sweep
02. Life Grows Cold
03. The Stone Grinds
04. The Price of Punishment
05. Genuine Sense of Outrage
06. Destroying Cenodoxus
07. New Sun Rising
08. Your Time is Near
09. Silence is Bliss
10. Nothing Lasts
11. Belly
12. Odium Vice
13. Mankind Screams