THROWOWN reden über das neue Album



THROWOWN haben bekanntlich mit "Holy Roller" einen neuen Song ihres anstehenden Albums "Venom & Tears" online gerstellt, welches in den USA am 07. August erscheint.

Frontmann Dave Peters hierzu:

"We kinda went back to our roots as far as what got us into playing music, rather than sticking to what got us into hardcore. When I saw my first hardcore band live in 1992 I remember thinking, whoa, this is like Pantera without the guitar solos. We weren't trying to consciously add metal or other elements into our songs. When we wrote Haymaker (2003) that's about as bare bones and raw as it gets, add four years later of playing and touring together to that and we've developed quite a ways with influences, execution and fuck it we'll play a solo if we want to too."