TIGER'S JAW - 156 Sekunden echte Gefuehle



TIGER'S JAW aus Scranton, Pennsylvania melden sich mit Albumplaenen und neuer Single zurueck. "I Won’t Care How You Remember Me" entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit Will Yip und wird am 5. Maerz 2021 via Hopeless Records. Die Emoband um Ben Walsh, Brianna Collins sowie Teddy Roberts und Colin Gorman stellt unten mit "Cat's Cradle" einen ersten Song mitsamt Videoclip vor, bei dem Collins ueber ihre Erfahrungen und Erwartungen mit dem Thema Freundschaft reflektiert. Die Saengerin und Keyboardin kommentiert: 

"‘Cat’s Cradle’ is about the realization that no matter how much love, effort and consideration you put into a friendship, sometimes it just isn’t enough to make it work" she explains. “The lyrics reflect on how being passive aggressive and not communicating directly can just lead to tension, confusion, and frustration in any relationship. Confrontation can be really challenging, especially when you’re worried about how what you feel might make someone else feel, and I have the tendency to suppress my own concerns and apologize first. With this song I wanted to acknowledge my own thoughts and emotions without feeling bad for having them"

Ben Walsh zur Platte: 

“This album is a hopeful time capsule of a band who has been through a lot together. It’s about growth, self-reflection, and figuring out how to be present in the moment to really take stock of what’s important, without getting sidetracked by the opinions of others or things out of our control. Tigers Jaw can get through anything and be stronger because of it. We’ve endured lots of change over the last 15 years, but a lot of things have remained consistent. We make the music we want to make, we push each other to continue evolving and growing as musicians, and we are so proud of where we are now".