TONY SLY - Benefiz-Sampler im Stream



Den Akustik-Sampler "Best Regards: An Acoustic Tribute To Tony Sly " kann derzeit in voller Laenge gestreamt werden. Die Compilation ist via Bandcamp erhaeltlich - alle Erloese gehen zu Gunsten des Tony Sly Memorial Funds.

This compilation is our way of paying respect to a musician and song writer that inspired each and every single person who took the time to contribute a track. The initial idea was to donate ALL proceeds to the Tony Sly memorial fund. After contacting the Sly family we learned that Their plan was to take the fund and use it to aid children's music programs in some way (we think this is awesome!). All money will be donated to the Tony Sly Music Foundation for Kids. So please download yourself a copy and help bring music (and smiles, because music brings happiness to everyone) to children that need it.