TOOTHGRINDER - veröffentlichen ersten Song von "Nocturnal Masquerad"



Nach ihrer "Schizophrenic Jubilee"-EP aus dem Jahr 2014  stellen TOOTHGRINDER jetzt ihren ersten Vorboten auf das Album "Nocturnal Masquerade" vor. Unten gibt es den Opener der Platte, die am 29. Januar 2016 via Spinefarm erscheint,  im Stream zu hören.

Gitarrist Jason Goss zur Arbeit am neuen Album:

"With Nocturnal Masquerade we wanted to capture a spectrum of sound that could bring you to different places in mood and spirit. This being our first full length there was a sense of timelessness that the band was reaching for. These songs are going to make a long lasting impact in our lives and we can't wait to share it with our fans."




"The House (That Fear Built)"

"Lace & Anchor"

"Coueur d'Alene"

"I Lie in Rain"


"The Hour Angle"

"Dance of Damsels"

"Diamonds for Gold"

"Nocturnal Masquerade"


"Schizophrenic Jubilee"

"Waltz of Madmen"