TO KILL - Bassist getauscht



Während der Tour mit LIFERUINER und RECON musste TO KILL's Bassist aus persönlichen Gründen zurück nach Hause, aber für ihn springt RECON's Mike ein.

Hier das Statement der Band:

"yo everyone. we have some news regarding the tour we are doing now. our bass player xTommix had to go back home suddenly for personal reasons. this means that suddenly we were without a bass player and Mike from Recon is filling in in to kill playing bass for this tour. he is amazing and he learned a shitloads of songs in one day. this means anyway that the last 2 or 3 shows we played a shorter set. Mike is doing what's humanly, and subhumanly possible to learn as more songs as possible the fastest he can. he learned like 8 songs in 24 hours wich is amazing, specially if you are going to check out the result. i think already from tomorrow we will have some more added in our set that will be almost our usual set. we apologize with ppl who was expecting more from us the laste 3 shows but there was seriously nothing more we could do,specially huge apologyes to the pplwho travelled for the shows (sorry bcn guys and girls).

we are sure to be ready with the whole set between tomorrow and the day after. check us out in this new colorfull version cause Mike really rules. Our Good luck goes to Tommi to take care of the stuff he have to back home.

always more and more megarock.

To Kill