TO KILL - Verlieren Bassist



Der Herbst ist keine gute Jahreszeit für die Italiener TO KILL, denn nach dem Verlust des ausgebrannten Vans verlässt nun auch noch Bassist Tommi die Band.

Hier das Statement:

"after over 4 years of joy, blood and adventures sometimes things change and being part of a family like to kill, where you get to share in a van even 1/3 of the year, moments like this are just sad. Dealing with those moments, no matter how hard it can be,it's anyway something that has to be done. Tommi always was and somehow will always be a part of this living thing called To Kill. He shared with us the good and the bad moments, sometimes you just see that in life there are different priorities and change is a normal step in life. so yeah long story short our bass player Tommi is not playing in the band anymore. we wish him all the best with everything he will be up to now and he will always be one of us. Touring wont be the same without his farts, strip teases and the stage wont be the same without his jumps and weird "you faded away" singalong.

our van burned and we lost the a bass player... october '08 wasnt the best month but as for the van WE CAN'T AND WE WONT STOP. being part of To Kill is not an easy thing, being on the road all the time and making a lot of sacrifices wont make it easy for us to find a new bass player, plus we want someone in line with the band issues and that we can consider a friend from when he will be in the band casue that's the reason why we play. for this reason we decided to keep the line up a 4 piece and we will have friends helping us for the upcoming period till we find someone who can be officially one of us.

as said before we wont stop. we have a bunch of italian shows coming soon and we are so excited to announce that on 4th and 5th of december we will play in a brand new place for us: GREECE! we are so excited about that.

we are also already working on the 2009.... in our santa's wish list we already wrote spain portugal and to go again in ireland and eastern europe in addition to mainland europe that will still be our home for a huge part of the year. So, well stay tuned for upcoming tours and news.

one last thing the whole van thing sucked big time but we are really glad we have the chance to see again how much all the people around us care about us, wrote us and shown us so much support and solidarity. we really would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for being so kind. you cant imagine how much strength this gives to us.
thanx again