TRIVIUM - neuer Song



TRIVIUM veröffentlichen morgen ihr neues Album "What The Dead Men Say" und haben gestern nochmal einen neuen Song der Platte veröffentlicht. "Bleed Into Me" ist bereits der vierte Vorabtrack des Albums, welches via Roadrunner Records veröffentlicht wird. Sänger Matt Heafy kommentiert: 

“The reason I love metal is it goes against the grain. The best way to overcome darkness is to make something creative. Whether the impact is small or large, I hope it’s positive for listeners. We hopefully built a community to make them feel safe where they can talk about what they want, enjoy it, and get help if they need it. It’s possible to even find a lot of love and light in there.”


Tracklisting "What The Dead Man Say":

"What The Dead Men Say"
"Amongst The Shadows And The Stones"
"Bleed Into Me"
"The Defiant"
"Sickness Unto You"
"Scattering The Ashes"
"Bending The Arc To Fear"
"The Ones We Leave Behind"