TURBONEGRO - Geschlagen vom Schlagerstar...



TURBONEGRO eilen von einem Erfolg zu nächsten. Unter anderem ist ihr aktuelles Album "Retox" direkt auf Platz 3 der schwedischen Albumcharts geentert und erreichte in ihrem Heimatland Norwegen bereits Goldstatus. Die Band hat dazu folgendes zu verlauten und äußert sich ganz nebenbei über ein paar andere Dinge, wie zum Beispiel der nahen Zukunft der Band:

"...only beat by their national hero Per Gessle and some blind guys called The Traveling Wilburys who are flogging their dead horse by releasing a greatest hits album and by that RUINING our chance of a number one position. It fucken SUCKS man. These cripples beat us at it in Norway too, landing us a second place. We WILL bury the wilburys, mark my words. Hey! I'm throwing a fucking TANTRUM over here! Today there was YET another "scandal" in the Norwegian daily press about how much booze we demand from local concert promoters. HELLO? CAN A MOTHERFUCKER LIVE A LITTLE? Jeezus CHRIST. The asylum has been taken over by the insane! Norwegian media is the CABARET OF THE RETARDED. Which is kinda cool, actually. Håkon Moslet is currently wrapping up his extensive work on "The Saga Of The Denim People", the authorized Turbo biography due out in Norwegian in September on Gyldendal Publishers. So you better start taking Norwegian classes if you want the LOW DOWN & DIRTY on us wild and crazy guyz. Those who have seen the primary script claim that it is the most negative text they have ever seen. Poor eyeballs. Poor, poor eyeballs. Keep them peeled, though. This summer will be festivalville BIG TIME, before we head across the Atlantic for a RAD tour of North America in September. After that, it's Euro time and then sometime after that Australia and Japan."