WE CAME AS ROMANS - Sänger Kyle Pavone gestorben



Ruhe in Frieden, Kyle Pavone!

Der nächste Musiker, der diese Erde viel zu früh verlässt. Kyle Pavone, Clean-Sänger der Metalcore-Band WE CAME AS ROMANS ist im Alter von 28 Jahren gestorben. 

Die restlichen Bandmitglieder machten dies über ihre Social Media Kanäle öffentlich: 

"Today music lost another great with the passing of Kyle Pavone of WE CAME AS ROMANS. Kyle's tragic loss came too early in his life and those of his bandmates. All are devastated by his passing. We will miss his smiles, his sincerity, his concern for others and his impressive musical talent. In lieu of flowers, we will be providing charity donations this coming week. The family and the band wish to thank their fans and the music community for all of their love and support as they navigate their grief.

Will I Be Remembered or Will I Be Lost in Loving Eyes?"

Das Zitat am Ende des Statements stammt aus dem Song "Promise Me" vom aktuellen Album "Cold Like War" der Band.