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Jeder kennt sie, jeder lästert über sie: Die über alles geliebte EMO-Frisur. Doch was ist eigentlich ein EMO-Haarschnitt? Tja, mit absoluter Gewissheit kann man sagen das es nicth wirklich eine Definition gibt, aber wozu gibt es den sonst auch den Urban Dictionary. Da finden sich mal eben 24(!) Definitionen für "Emo-hair". Hier mal ein paar Beispiele:

Emo Hair -- Hair that cuts itself. Very convenient!

Emo Hair -- Emo hair is my hair, I love it, it rules, all you normal mother fuckers, are fucked up, you dont have any idea, what its like to put up with all your shit, about "OMG emos are emotional retards". >>>>>>& gt; We wouldnt be like that if you didnt pick on us when we were, in grade, 2,3,4,5,6,7, this is what you have done to us, now its our turn on the fucking stage and your trying to hog that, as well, your all fucked, and you wonder why we look like, this, well its because we can finally express our feelings and emotions, and you mother fucker are trying to stop us because you know the damage we can do to you, if you dont. Were not all dumb fucks, some of us are really intelligent, and may even become your boss mother fucker, so fuck up with your hate comments, fuckhead.

Emo Hair -- Otherwise known as a scene haircut...you can usually find people with this cut lurking on Myspace. They typically style their hair with the bangs to the side and covering one eye...often the bangs are dyed abnormal colors as well. They are the same people who take pictures of themselves from the top, or just looking over the shoulder in an attempt at looking dramatic/contemplative/sa d/emo. Usually the people who have "emo hair" are scene kids. Kind of like emo wannabees, except they get mad if you say that.

Emo Hair -- boy emo hair=boy with girl hair

Emo Hair -- A really old hairstyle these white kids have called "emo hair"...if only they knew that the hairstyle is really what black women from the 90's wore. Then they'd go back to their dull blonde hairstyles and not call it "emo hair" anymore. YOU LOOK LIKE A RETARD!!

Emo Hair -- The ugliest haircut ever since the mullet, yuck!!