YELLOWCARD - Schwierigkeiten mit neuem Album \"Lights & Sounds\"



Scheinbar läuft es für das neue YELLOWCARD Album "Lights & Sounds" nicht besonders gut. Das Album ist der Nachfolger des sehr erfolgreichen 2004 erschienenen Major Label Debuts "Ocean Avenue".

Sean Mackin hierzu:

"We have all these theories as to what happened, but basically it comes down to the fact that we don't have the momentum that we had at the height of Ocean Avenue. I think some people in the band felt the need to rebel from where we were and the kind of acts we were grouped with. A lot of people in our band thought we had a lot more to offer. And that's how we've ended up where we are.

I think that the band went on ... maybe not a tangent, but we had a goal in mind, and at the end of the recording process, we were so proud of how artistic we were, And I think we showed too much. I think maybe we were a little too jaded and a little too dark, and I think that the lack of hope and faith that we put on this record made us a little less sparkly and light to people."