YOUNG CULTURE - neue Vorabsingle von "Godspeed"



Die neue YOUNG CULTURE EP "Godspeed" erscheint am 30. Juli via Rude/Equal Vision Records. Vorab stellt das Trio mit "Simplemindedteens" einen neuen Song der Platte im Stream vor. Die Songs entstanden in guter alter DIY-Manier in Albany, New York, ausgeholfen haben der Band ihre Kumpels Derek DiScanio (STATE CHAMPS) Sam Guaiana und Tony Pietrafesa. Band kommentiert: 

“’Simplemindedteens’ is an ode to the days when we were growing up. Learning how to be yourself and discovering new things. Friends, drugs, relationships, memories and mistakes. Everything you’re not so sure you want to tell your future kids about. At times when you’re growing up, things can feel negative. But it feels good to look back at your life in a positive light. Embrace the things you’ve done that make you who you are today. We focused a lot on the acoustic guitar, and swing feel that the song has. Something to sound light and fun”