Interview mit Cataract



1. Would you first introduce yourself to our readers!

O.k. my name is Simon. I am playing guitar. Then we have Greg on the other guitar, Chris on vocals, Michi on bass and Ricki on drums.

2. What do you guys do for a living, and in freetime?

I work for an Internet Company, Chris works for his dead selling Motorcycles, Greg is working in a men's dressing store, Michi runs a shop that's called Beach Mountain for Skate- and Snowboard articles and Ricky works...I don't know exactly what he is doing to be honest...During our sparetime we mostly do the the band, go to shows, or just hang out with friends. I am doing a label called Natrual High and the Booking Agency Drive To Play beside that also.

3. How did you get together?

Ricki and me are playing together in bands since early 90's (mine, ferguson,
damage i.d., etc.). We met Greg and Michi at shows. Greg used to play in different bands too like Blue Water Boy or Cease. Michi is pretty new on an
instrument. Both were totally into doing a band and they both rocked as persons. So we all just figured to jam and see what happens. And as you can see it worked out just fine! We met Chris through the Split-7" we did with our old band damage i.d. with elision. He is an awesome singer and fit right in. So he joined shortly after.

4. What does the name "CATARACT" mean? Why did you choose that name?

The name has 2 meanings: One is the eye sickness thing, you know when you are loosing your sight and second it's the name of the waves in a river if they flow very constantly. We just came up with that name because we wanted to have something short and that sticks to your mind. The meanings fit with our views on the world too, so what more to expect from a name...

5. Switzerland is for me totally unknown with Hardcore. What's been going on in Switzerland?

Hey, shame on you. Switzerland was always rich on Hardcore Bands from early 80's on! We had Bands like Profax, X-Large, Monument, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Lunacy, Fleisch and many more. We always had a very strong scene when it comes to bands. Shows have always been good. Switzerland has already put out 2 Comps. with only Swiss Bands on it. Those came out 12 and 10 years ago. The scene was smaller and different than today but as strong. Today we have bands like us, prejudice, cwill, open close my eyes, darkdaydungeon, blue water boy, and about 20 to 30 more but they are not very well known yet. I hope that's going to change soon. They are all very good in their own way. Some are more metal and some are just plain good hardcore. I wish sometimes we would have more fans than bands...