Interview mit From Monument To Masses



01: Hello Guys, how are you ?

Francis: I'm currently sick, for the second time in 2 months, which has disrupted everything in my life. But winter is almost officially over, the new album is finally out, and we're touring. Can't complain too much.

Matthew: I'm sick too! I didn't know you were sick Francis - hope you feel better soon. Work has been kicking my ass in for the last 3 or 4 weeks (and I don't mean playing in a band), although playing in this band has also been kicking my ass, cuz we have SO much on our plate lately. I'm really looking forward to tour, which is weird because touring is a huge pain in the ass; but I'm really looking forward to it anyway.

02: Your Album will be released in Germany on Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious?

Francis: No, not at all. But Sergio has seen several ghosts in house and Matt and I saw a UFO on our way back from Sergio's wedding several years ago. Maybe we're just a magnet for the paranormal.

03: From Monument to Masses are a great Political-Band. What engaged you the most in the World this Time ?

Francis: Being Korean-American, I'm interested in North and South Korean diplomatic relations, as well as US foreign policy and general attitudes towards The Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The ongoing occupation and displacement of the people of Palestine and Iraq as well as "The War on Terror" is something we're always addressing as individuals and as a band.

04: Do you think, the World Market Crisis is a Problem without Solution?

Francis: Well, if we begin to look at the reasons why investment bankers, wall street, the government ignored the inevitable collapse of credit (i.e. insane amounts of money and profit without thinking about long-term ramafications) then we'd understand that ethics really doesn't play a part in capitalism, and therefore, there is no solution other than to enact temporary bandages and superficial policies that don't address the core problems and attitudes.

05: If you are Mighty People with a Word that counts in the Politic, what would you do in a Situation like this?

Francis: Do you mean if we were omnipotent? Like gods? Or just enormously politically influential? It's really hard to answer that question. Can we just say we'd continue being cultural artists, provoking political thought and growth through art and our music?

Matthew: I agree with Francis - there isn't something that can simply be done in reaction to this. It's a bummer that progressive people aren't at a more organized point in history so as to mobilize in response to it. But the fact of the matter is that, on a global scale, and especially in the industrialized west, the left is in a poor state of organization for reasons that have a direct correlation to why the ruling capitalists have run amok. The thing to do is to look closely at what happened and understand the processes that allowed it to happen - not just write it off, as many do, as the fault of a "few bad apples". If I were to view it in a positive light: The more these financial catastrophes happen, and the more the working class becomes the working poor, and the more the mythical middle class disappears on one side of the canyon or the other... the more the disease becomes starkly apparent to everyone - which is a catalyst.

06: Can you imagine, to record one Day a Record without Political Statements ?

Francis: No. Everything is political. Even if we had no samples or words in our songs and we were purely instrumental, we'd still be political and sending a political message just by our sheer presence in the band, our history, what we stand for.

Matthew: Even if it were possible to make an album or a song or a piece of art that wasn't inherently political... I wouldn't want to. It'd be boring.

07: In which Moment you decide, that there will no typical Lyrics on FMTM Music?

Francis: When we agreed that none of us could sing well, nor did we want to have a typical lead singer to validate music that we knew could hold its own. Plus, using samples as the vocals of our songs had always fascinated us since we love films, documentaries, hip hop and electronic music, etc.

08: How are the Reactions from the Press-Media to your new Album ?

Francis: The record is still relatively new, but so far, it has been getting good reactions, especially in Germany. We're sort of like the David Hasselhoff of Instrumental Post-Rock. Heh.

Matthew: Yeah, generally the reactions have been good - but there have been a few reviews in prominent magazines that have made some frustrating criticisms - for instance, that we "should have more vocals... cuz how can you be a political band without vocals?" or "the soundbytes are too random and obscure - how is that political?" I don't mind if people don't like the music - I don't take it personally... but what the fuck is that?? Are they listening to the album at all? I just wish writers were required to think about the content in an album they're reviewing for like, a minimum of 5 minutes before they start writing about it.

09: What are your Plans, for the Future after the Release ? Maybe a Tour in Germany ?

Francis: We're hitting the road with Dredg and Torche in April and we'll likely be back in the EU and Japan soon!

10: Danke!

Matthew: Gleichfalls.