ALLSCHOOLS PRESENTS: JUNKSTARS - Videopremiere von "This Is War"



Die schwedischen JUNKSTARS stellen bei uns ihren neuen Videoclip zur Single "This Is War" vor, den wir unten praesentieren. Der Song entstammt dem gleichnamigen Album, welches via Despotz Records erschienen ist. Max Malmquist von der Stockholmer Punkrockband zu "This Is War":

Actually this song is not about war such as two countries fighting against each other but a war against the ”established" Music Industry. There are so many bands and artists that consume the majority of airplay on radio and tv and it´s always same bands. It's only the old bands that we never give up listening to or new "promoted" bands that we generally don´t like that get played. So this song is about all the new bands and artists and their struggle. The Music we really want to hear and see. A music war for new music. Good music.