DARKEST HOUR - \"Archives\"



DARKEST HOUR wollen unter dem Titel "Archives" ihre musikalischen Werke vor Victory Records via A-F Records veröffentlichen. Mit dem Release am 03.10.2006 wird man zeitgleich das 10jährige Jubiläum der Band feiern.

Es wird ebenfalls mehr als eine Stunde an bisher unveröffentlichtem Material zu hören geben. Des Weiteren wird die Platte die "The Misanthrope" EP von 1995, "The Prophecy Fulfilled" von 1997 und Vinylsingles bis einschließlich 1998 enthalten.

Mike Schleibaum (Gitarrist) hierzu:
"This is the first puzzle piece for DARKEST HOUR, the spark that lit the fire for us. This was our FIRST BAND and what you hear is music written for the right reason, it's not career-driven or funded by a big label. Hell, we paid for all of the recordings ourselves. Because we had no money we would buy gear from a music store by the studio, use it to record and return it when we were done. On the 'Prophecy Fufilled' EP we had no money to remix the record so we tracked the guitars in our friend's bathroom and then overdubbed that shit and released it like that. Back then you did anything and everything to put a record out."

Schleibaum: "It brings out the songs a lot better than the original recordings. It's kind of like tricking out an old car. Before MySpace, Hot Topic and MTV's interest, metal, hardcore and punk was such a subculture that you really had to go out of your way to get people to find out about your record. I remember driving around D.C. putting up flyers to walking around to every show that happened in town trying to sell our record by hand."

Das komplette Material wird in remasterter Form präsentiert.