GRADUATING LIFE - neue Single im Stream



GRADUATING LIFE, das einstige Soloprojekt von Bart Thompson, kuendigen ihr neues Album "II" fuer den 9. Juli an. Die Platte der Punk/Rockband erscheint via Pure Noise Records - anbei gibt es mit "Fine" einen weiteren neuen Song der Platte vorab vor. Thompson kommentiert: 

“I had this lyric about how I hit my tooth out. I used to have a big gap in my teeth and when I was a kid, I got made fun of for it. When I had it knocked out, I assked for them to close the gap. When I was writing this song, I was writing about feeling stagnant and locked up in a cage and I wrote ‘closed in’ – and then I thought, ‘gap tooth.’ From there, I just wrote the chorus. There’s a couple of styles of rock thrown in there, but the ska one stayed. It’s just me having a lot of fun playing guitar. If people like guitar music, then that song is a fun one”