NODES OF RANVIER haben sich zu ihren Line-Up Veränderungen geäußert:

"As you have probably noticed, we have had some lineup changes over the past year and a half. Ryan Knutson stepped down from his drumming position last summer to spend more time with his wife and his new contracting business. Ryan is currently writing songs on his own so you may hear from him again sometime in the future. Nick Murphy also decided to call it quits for reasons beyond our comprehension and we believe it was best for all parties for this change to take place. We wish both Nick and Ryan the best and hope that they are happy in the endeavors they are now a part of.

Josh Ferrie has taken over on drums and if you caught a show on the recent tour we did with Mans you got a taste of his abilities and what the new album will sound like. You may have seen Josh in the past perform with the likes of Suffer, Fall, and The Blinding Light. We are confident that you will enjoy the direction that Josh's percussive style has brought to the band without loosing the sound this band has become akin to.

Our vocal change brought in Omaha, NE native Kyle Benecke. You may have met Kyle when he filled in with Saved by Grace or his long term vocal showcase with System Failure. Kyle has brought a vocal range that this band has never seen in a frontman and that was what solidified our decision to go with him. Kyle holds a level of forceful screams meshed with discernable annunciation that makes the importance of what he has written on this album stand out."

Das Victory Records Debüt "Defined By Struggle" soll am 24. Juli in den USA erscheinen.