Auch beim Label aus Gainesville, Florida herrscht weihnachtliche Stimmung - daher hat man sich etwas Besonderes überlegt:

"Today is the first day of our 12 Days of Christmas. Today's deal is free shipping on all U.S. orders that are over $10. Use the code "USAUSAUSA" when you check out. Please do not use this code if you don't live in the U.S.....if it manages to work, we will just refund and cancel your order. ALL orders today are also entered to win a test press of the 7" split between Red City Radio and The Gamits. Get to work!

Genaue Infos zu den einzelnen Aktionstagen lauten wie folgt:

"An entire calendar of the 12 Days of Christmas can be seen below. All times are EST:

Dec. 13 (Noon-Midnight) - All U.S. orders over $10 get free shipping
Dec. 14 (Noon-11pm) - Dopamines - Expect The Worst cassette
Dec. 15 (Noon-10pm) - Free download of Paper + Plastick Christmas wrapping paper
Dec. 16 (Noon-9pm) - Free download of new After The Fall song
Dec. 17 (Noon-8pm) - Sale: 8 different toys for $8 each
Dec. 18 (Noon-7pm) - Sale: 7 different LPs for $7 each
Dec. 19 (Noon-6pm) - Free download of Story/Song webcomic featuring Flatfoot 56
Dec. 20 (Noon-5pm) - Junior Battles - Wow, That's Really Cool cassette
Dec. 21 (Noon-4pm) - Sale: 4 different shirts for $4 each
Dec. 22 (1pm-4pm) - Sale: 3 different 7”s for $3
Dec. 23 (2pm-4pm) - Sale: 2 different 2-CD bundles for $2 each
Dec. 24 (3pm-4pm) - Super sale: Pay $5 for a random LP (includes shipping)"