THE METEORS: Neues Album



Die Psychobilly Legende um Frontmann P.Paul Fenech kündigt mit "Hell Train Rollin´" ein neues Studio-Album auf People Like You an. Erscheinen soll es im März, zuvor erscheint aber noch eine streng limitierte Vinyl-Single:

"The new album "HELL TRAIN ROLLIN`" is mixed and produced, it's a nasty Little Fucker stuffed full of Evil songs. A real bastard of an album that once again proves OTMAPP!

And there will be a limited edition single containing the tracks "Psychobilly Number 1" and the reworked updated version of "Wrecking Crew" (a thanx to the WWWC) this will be of course limited to 666 numbered copies on People Like You Records.

Release date for "HELL TRAIN ROLLIN`" is March 2009 (the single will be released before that."