THE WARRIORS - neues Label und neue Single



THE WARRIORS unterschreiben bei Pure Noise Records und kuendigen mit "Monomyth" den Nachfolger zu ihrem Album "See How You Are" von 2011 an. Die Platte soll am 12. Dezember erscheinen - anbei stellt die Hardcoreband mit “Death Ritual” (mit Gastauftritt von Nate Rebolledo von XIBALBA) einen ersten neuen Song daraus vor. Frontmann Marshall Lichtenwaldt kommentiert das Album wie folgt: 


“People tend to get sucked into this vacuum with everything that’s happening in the news. It’s all just a bunch of bullshit. If we wanna talk about hardcore, we need to start thinking in terms of doing things that are actually hard: Being nice to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Being kind and compassionate to someone who hasn’t earned it. If you can do that, it causes a ripple effect that reverberates farther than you can imagine. Living for others can be the hardest thing to do sometimes. Once you do that, you start feeling more fulfilled”.